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CSHF Continues its Covered Classics series with the induction of “Put Your Dreams Away (For Another Day)” and “Mommy Daddy” covered by Alejandra Ribera


Covered Classics is the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame (CSHF) and CBC/Radio-Canada’s ongoing series celebrating CSHF song inductions.

This month we induct two of Canada’s most loved songs, Put Your Dreams Away (For Another Day) and Mommy Daddy. Canadian singer-songwriter Alejandra Ribera performs a beautiful rendition of each song in honour of their induction into the CSHF.

Put Your Dreams Away (For Another Day)
Written by Ruth Lowe, Paul Mann, Stephan Weiss
Performed by Alejandra Ribera (accompanied by Adrian Vedady & Jean-Sébastien Williams)

Put Your Dreams Away (For Another Day) was co-written by Toronto born songwriter and pianist Ruth Lowe and achieved fame as Frank Sinatra’s closing theme song. Lowe teamed up with Paul Mann and Stephan Weiss to set her lyrics to music. For years, Sinatra used this romantic ballad as his closing song on his radio and television shows and often in concert. At the request of Sinatra’s family, the song was sung at his funeral in May 1998. More about the song

Mommy Daddy
Written by Marc Gélinas, Gilles Richer
Lyrics adapted by Pauline Julien
Performed by Alejandra Ribera (accompanied by Adrian Vedady & Jean-Sébastien Williams)

Mommy Daddy was written by Montreal-born Marc Gélinas and Gilles Richer to be used at the end of Richer’s 1971 film, “Tiens-toi bien après les oreilles à papa.” The moving bilingual dialogue song describes a conversation between a child and the parents; through this device the child questions them in English about the past, and the parents reply in French. Mommy Daddy is well-known throughout French Canada for its beautiful lullaby-like melody, and for lyrics that address sensitive issues regarding the French language and culture in Quebec. Singer Pauline Julien became closely identified with the song and adapted the lyrics slightly to leave out the word “daddy”. Many subsequent cover versions titled Mommy use her adaption. More about the song

Alejandra Ribera
Following the success of Alejandra’s latest album La boca is a richly textured, multilingual album that reflects the artist’s roots as much as the journey she took to bring it to fruition. The artist, who cites amongst her greatest influences Rufus Wainwright, Chavela Vargas, and bagpipes, now divides her time between Montreal, Paris and Malaga where she continues to create. Most of all she continues to follow her instincts and respond to her heart which has faithfully led her this far.

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